Trail Options

Before hashers board the buses for transport to the run site, the Trail Master will hold a
chalk talk to inform the runners of trail conditions and marks used on trail.

In addition, each bus will have a bus captain with detailed knowledge of the trail start and end points.

We will do everything within our power to ensure a safe and fun trail for all. Cold drink and snacks will be waiting for you at the end.

Fat BastardsWalkers/Lazy Bastards Trail: 4 km trail for the lazy, old and infirmed ones. It is a gentle stroll, no hills of any note and no shiggy.

We will be enforcing the Pattaya Jungle H3′s ethos of no beers until the first front runners return, so no need to hurry, enjoy your stroll.

Hares: Bam Bam & Mental Disorder


Standard - Medium TrailStandard/Medium Trail For Average Hashers: A standard trail of around 8 km with a short cut available to reduce the trail length to 5 km if the short walk is a little too short for you.

Hares: Peler & Arseaholic

XL TrailXtra Long Trail For the Fit and Hardy Hashers: An extra-long run of
around 16 km with 1 water stop.

Hares: Crapper & Bull Trac


Ball BreakerBall Breaker Trail For the Xtra Fit and Hardy Hashers: An extra-extra long run of around 20+ km with 1 water stop.

Hares: The Wizard & AFC

Trail Markings

In the interests of not losing anyone, we are not using any form of checks, they are purely trails.

Hanging PaperAll of our trails are marked using hanging paper strips with TNH2017 printed on them.

Wherever possible the paper is hung on the right side, but to ensure that you are going in the right direction, always ensure that as you look at a paper strip, you are looking at the printed side of it.

FootPlease remember while on trail to keep it green and bring your rubbish and drink bottles back to the A site. At the end of the run leave nothing but your footprints.