Terms and Conditions

terms and conditionsTerms and Conditions

Please be sure you have read and understand these Terms and Conditions before registering.

  1. All fees must be paid before your registration will be valid.
  2. When we reach our registration limit of 300 we will continue to accept paid submissions and begin deleting any unpaid registrations, starting with the oldest, see important notice below, so don’t delay paying your fees and avoid disappointment.
  3. Any and all fees paid are not refundable.
  4. You may sell / transfer your paid up registration to someone else, but we must be advised that you have done so, along with the details of the new attendee. It is your responsibility to pass on the information, anyone attempting to check-in at the event, that is not on our registration list, will be turned away. Use the Registration Transfer Form on the website to complete the transfer.
  5. You (the registrant or anyone else you register on their behalf) accept that the organising committee of Thai Nash Hash 2017 and all others associated with the organisation of the event including Pattaya Jungle Hash House Harriers and it’s associated hashes, namely the Pattaya Jungle Monkey Hash House Harriers and the Pattaya Jungle Irregular Lunar Hash House Harriers or any of it’s Mismanagement and members, will take reasonable measures to ensure the safety and well being of the participant but accept no liability for any injury, damage or loss, however these may occur. You (the registrant or anyone else you register on their behalf) will not hold the committee, its members or any affiliated person(s) (including the Hashes and its mismanagement and members listed above) and the owners of the land and property where the runs may take place responsible for any accident, loss, damages or injury sustained by yourself (the registrant or anyone else you register on their behalf) before, during or after the event.
  6. The Mismanagement reserves the right to reject Registration and Payment from anyone, for any reason, especially if that person has a reputation of being disruptive at previous events, anywhere.


As part of the Terms and Conditions and in the interest of fairness to all attendees, there is only one registration fee.

There are no Early Bird registrations, instead we will continue to accept registrations until we reach our limit of 300 fully paid registrations.

At that time anyone who has registered and not paid, will be deleted from our records, starting with the oldest and moving towards the newest. We will advise you that we are about to delete you, but you will not be able to pay or re-register at that time.

We believe this is the fairest method for all attending, so don’t be a cheap charlie, pay when you register to avoid disappointment.

On On to a great event.