Mismanagement Team

Mismanagement TeamMismanagement Team

Below is a list of our Mismanagement team and the positions they are responsible for.

All of the members of the Mismanagement Team are members of the Pattaya Jungle H3 and many are also members of the Pattaya Jungle H3 mismanagement.

If you would like to contact any of the team for any reason, please use the Contact Us form to make your enquiry and we will pass it on the that person for you.

Our team will endeavour to make the Thai Nash Hash 2017 an enjoyable and a most memorable event for you and everybody else who attends.

Chairman: Bam Bam

Vice Chairman: Mental Disorder

Hash Cash / Accounts : Pussy Snatcher

Registrar: Pussy Snatcher

Brew Master: G.I. Joe

Venue Liaison:  Bam Bam

Webmaster: Bam Bam

Haberdashery: Bam Bam

Hare Raisers: Absolutely F’n Clueless

Trail / Hare Advisor: Pussy Snatcher

Transport: Pussy Number Three (& Pussy Snatcher)

Gophers: Crapper, Menstrual Disorder, Diddy Dicker